Dune (Cryo) mini-faq

Dune (Cryo) strategy FAQ

Spoiler-less (as much as possible) strategy guide for Dune.

  • General: troop organization, exploration and charisma.
  • Economy: spending spice, harvesting, army and eco.
  • War: grand strategy, tactics, secondary strategy and spy reports.
  • Smuggler village trade: trading tips and smuggler prices.


Dune general FAQ

Troop organization

Yes, you need troops for everything, so Fremen troops are your economic pillar on Dune.

  • Don’t rush on making a big war army. You should always keep a balance and the game is going to encourage that anyways (colours).
  • There are 3 troop colours, right? And three troop specializations? Yes, it’s not casual, it affects how fast they earn experience.
    • Blue always for spice harvesting. They learn quicker and it’s important to have expert harvesters to be efficient on middle game.
    • Brown for army. Well, with Gurney you can train quickly any colour, but still you’re going to need a big army, so just throw all brown troops to army. Small size troops don’t win the battles but they still help.
    • Green for eco… Well, to be honest, you don’t really need a lot of eco troops and your early green troops need a job.
      • Put all early game green troops as spice harvesters. You need spice.
      • When you get Stilgar, you want new 2k men green troops you find go to army, those make good army troops. You can keep early game green spice harvesters, even if 2k, as those should have already some experience with spice, which is great. You need spice, remember?
      • From middle to end game, I only use all <1k green troops as eco. You can add, maybe, a <2k late-game green troop, probably not worth to train it as harvester.
  • You want balance, but it’s never bad to harvest more spice. More spice means better weapons and playing relaxed.
  • Troop experience levels:
    1. On Trial.
    2. Novice.
    3. Average.
    4. Efficient.
    5. Skilled.
    6. Expert.



  • Movement:
    • You usually move across the planet by flying on Orni from sietch to sietch.
    • You can also move to any direction, without a fixed destiny. This is useful to find out hidden sietches.
    • Near middle game, you’ll get access to a new transportation method. From that moment, you’ll can access enemy fortress when a battle is in progress.
  • Hidden sietches:
    • Hidden sietches are found by passing near them. You need to be accompanied by someone in the cockpit, he/she will mark the sietch on your map if it’s unlocked.
    • Some sietches can’t be found by exploring, as they are just unlocked by story progress. Others require a charisma level.
    • If it’s the first time you play and you don’t know when and where to look, just move a fremen unit from sietch to sietch and talk with the lider: if there is an unlocked but hidden sietch at range, the lider will point the direction to find it. If not, continue with story.
  • Ornicopter can be shoot down, so be careful when going near harkonnen territory (you’ll be warned in the game).



  • The charisma value it’s linked to the number of sietchs you visited once.
  • The charisma has “hidden tiers”. When you reach a new tier, you can talk with Jessica to get more power for your telepathic skill. I think the only thing that hints your charisma tier is the blueness on your eyes. Anyways… just talk with Jessica, every time you go back to Palace, if you discovered any new sietch during the trip.
  • Water of life gives you 20 charisma points but it will kill you on early game. Wait until you have 50 charisma (when eco begins).
  • Some sietch can be unlocked only after you get some charisma level. Other get unlocked by story progress.


Dune economy FAQ

Spending spice

  • You’ll have to pay spice each x days and the value increases, so always focus on paying that over everything else. It’s a game over otherwise.
    • Try to avoid going late to your payment day date. It seems you end getting better offers if you pay promptly.
    • I usually pay 50% more than I’m asked. This gives you some days more to go far from Castle.
  • Focus on build your spice reserves. If your reserves double what you had to pay, then you’re doing good with economy and you can do a little spending.
  • Never overpay Spice. You must haggle on the least asking Smuggler.
  • In the early game can be useful to get an orni more, but it’s not needed and you can you discover them hidden sietch soon. You don’t need to buy weapons until you have fully trained your first team and you really should wait to discover all Smuggler villages.


Spice harvesting

  • Prospectors are the most important unit on the game. If you discover many sietch, feel free give them ornicopters to fly quick across the map.
  • Troop numbers and morale help with harvesting, but the more important factor is experience. Morale also could affect experience gained, but I’m not totally sure.
  • You want to use harvesters for your spice teams, but never do it without an orni. Not unless you’re really in a, serious, big hurry. It’s better to get less spice than risk to an worm attack and waste troops.
  • Don’t waste time switching to other jobs and let your harvesters learn. As game advances, rookies are less useful to harvest spice.
  • Be careful and don’t put all your harvesters in same spot. An unexpected event can render them inactive for some time, so it’s better to split in smaller teams of, maybe 2-3, troops, until later, when event is gone.
  • During early to middle game, don’t mix north and south harverster troops. This is Carthag&Tuono VS Habbanya. You need very high Charisma or they will suddenly refuse working.
  • You want balance, but if you’re unsure of what to do, excess troops are better “now” getting spice. More spice means better weapons and playing relaxed. You can turn them army later if needed.


Army economy

This is a strategy game (not a tactical RTS) and it rewards going slowly. So, war economy rule number one is: attack only when you can crush your enemy. Not win. Crush. It’s good to save troops and you’re an Atreides.

  • You should never lose troops on fights. Don’t waste soldiers, you can’t reinforce your existing units.
  • If you’re losing soldiers, you’re attacking too early and/or underprepared. Don’t do that.
  • You can just go with 5-10 war troops on middlegame. Even a simple team of 5 can do, but two teams let’s you attack twice on a row, because the team needs to rest after a won battle.
  • You can find prisoners, on enemy fortress, to increase your army later. You can also train existing harversters/eco into army if needed, quickly, but don’t worry too much about a big army! You only need 3 teams, 10k soldiers with atomics, for the end battle.



  • Eco is secondary, totally optional, so don’t worry too much about it and don’t use too much troops for that, unless it’s just for fun.

  • You usually want to use big troops (2k+) in other occupations. Big size troops make a difference for spice (a lot) and for army (with good weapons).

  • Careful! Eco is incompatible with spice, so be careful and don’t harm your future economy. Never move a troop with eco stuff (b) to a windtrapped sietch unless ALL spice has been collected (pitch black in density map).

  • Careful on Sihaya-Tuek. As soon as you discover it, prospect it and send a team of spice harvesters. No need to rush but do it before sending there your eco troops to work. All spice in the sietch area is wasted otherwise.


Dune war FAQ

Grand strategy

  • You can’t reinforce troops, so every soldier counts. Play defensively until you have a good army.
  • Organize your army in teams of (max) 5 troops. The stack maximum is 7 but you really want the extra space to leave room to find prisoners. 5 is more than enough, you can win with just 1-3 if well prepared, depending on fortress. But 5 win battles quick.
  • Be careful with your positions. Avoid the frontiers unless very early game.
  • When you get Stilgar, you can send Gurney to train rookie fremen army units. I choose an area near Bledan, but outside Harkonnen attack range, like Ergsun Clam. It’s also near Sihaya village, in case you buy a laser. And near Bledan to reinforce your war teams. Anyways, move there all rookies, drop Gurney and don’t move him until late game.
  • If you buy weapons (weirding modules, maybe?) from relatively far villages, you can just use any expert army troop, it doesn’t need to train anymore. If you’re in a rush, it can be wise to use a carry unit (a low troop green unit should do) with orni to pickup the stuff and go back, but I never feel the need to do that.
  • The game already gives this hint, but anyways: start your war campaign on Bledan area (very weak enemies there) and conquer all fortress there. When finished then move to Tsympo/Haga and, only later, attack Arrakeen.
  • Don’t worry about Chani. Go at your own pace but do eco to avoid zero morale.

  • Weapons are VERY important to kill enemy units. Use the right weapons:
    • Never send a troop to battle without krys. There are LOTS of free krys, so there is no reason to do that.
    • After Bledan conquest, as you approach to Arrakeen, try to give least laser pistols to all troops. You should have also weirding modules on at least 1 big troop on every team.
    • In Arrakeen area, you find few atomic weapon, put them on the biggest troops.



  • Group your unit in a frontier sietch. You’ll get the option to spy if there is an enemy fortress on range to attack.
  • Send a spy to locate the enemy base. He must be expert, of course, you don’t want that unit get caught or lose troops later.
  • In the mean time, go to a sietch near the enemy base. When you arrive, your spy will already have the report of how well defended is. It’s time to attack.
    • You can just let the spy there and send the assault team. When the team arrives, your spy will launch a surprise attack automatically, during the first hour, on its own. If it’s a strong unit, the Harkonnen will have severe loses.
    • Or you can send your spy back with the assault team and send them together. Do that if you’re not confident about your spy (unprepared).
  • Go to the battle. That will raise the morale of your troops. Try to time carefully the arrival time, you want to arrive at same time your other units or an hour later.
  • During the battle, talk with your fremen units. They will report how it’s going the battle (number of kills, loses, …) and give an hint about the battle outcome:
    • Painless victory: “There is much confusion among the Harkonnens … It’s going to be easy rout them”.
    • You may lose soldiers: “Harkonnen forces are impressive …”.
  • Tactical options:
    • You have the option to launch a massive attack. It’s quicker but I don’t think it’s worth it, you risk your troops and it’s annoying you don’t get feedback afterwards.
    • You have the option to fight all day. Usually it’s not a good idea either because, if you go prepared, the battles end quick anyways. If it’s not going quick, you’d better see the reports to check who is underprepared.
    • The best option is to wait there. It’s better you relax for 5 minutes and see the reports.


Secondary strategy

Eco is your strategic weapon in Dune. Acts as a nuke on enemy fortress, and because the lack of spice, it shields your sietches. You don’t need it to win the game but it’s fun!

  • You can use eco troops to make windtraps anywhere and it’s a good idea in preparation for future, because it takes a lot of time to fill them. It’s safe, just be careful and don’t bring bulbs.
  • I usually just do eco in Carthag when there is zero spice on the area, but you should build wind-traps on the area asap. Arrakeen is the objective and it’s end-game, you can happily mess its spice production.
  • Remember, eco affects the current sietch and, later, it affects north. Claim north area spice before you do eco heavily.


Spy reports

Spy reports give you only a clue of what weapons are using the Harkonnen troops and experience:

  • Empty fortress: “Looks like there’re no Harkonnen troops around”.
  • Krys knive: “They might be dangerous Muad’Dib …”.
  • Laser guns: “They ARE dangerous Muad’Dib … AND they’ve got arms, indeed” .
  • Weirding module: “Armement is impressive here. We can see that … well trained, too”.
  • Atomic: “Muad’Dib, We’ve got here the toughest Harkonnen, armed to the teeth”.


Dune smuggler village FAQ

Trading tips

  • Never buy Krys or Spice Harvesters on villages, even if you can buy cheap. You should find more than enough across the map from the very early game.
  • You can buy an orni or two on early game, but it’s not really needed, you should find some ornicopters on hidden sietches sooner than later. Still, an orni on a harvester is going to pay off itself, so it’s up to you.
  • You may buy few weapons. Wierding modules are a bit expensive but it’s nice to have one on the highest troop on every team, that’s overpowered and it makes Bledan and Tsympo easy. Laser pistols are nice to have too for all troops +1k.
    • Don’t buy too much! You’re going to find many laser pistols in Bledan area, lots of lasers and many weirding modules in Tsympo, … really, there is no need, I prefer to have a good spice reserve than overspend.
  • The smugglers will try to trick you by repeating a price, but in the end, they always go down up to their limit… if you insist. Just check the price before accepting and keep haggling if still it’s overpriced.
  • Remember to pay the bill when you go back to palace. Just talk Duncan (once for every bill).


Smuggling prices

Best prices by equipment class

Laser: Shihaya, 620 Krys knife: Shihaya, 270 Weirding Modules: Otyxn, 1540 Harvester: Tuono, 600 Ornicopter: Haga, 1080

Village prices

Arrakeen Pyons (H)

Laser: 800 Weirding Modules: 2500 Harvester: 800 Ornicopter: 1500

Tuono Pyons (A)

Laser: 800-700 Weirding Modules: 2000-1750 Harvester: 600 Ornicopter: 1500-1320

Sihaya Pyons (A)

Krys knife: 200-180-160 Laser: 800-700-620 Harvester: 1200-1050-920 Ornicopter: 1800-1580-1390

Tsympo Pyons (H)

Krys knife: 300-270 Laser: 1000-800-770 Weirding Modules: 2500-2190 Ornicopter: 1600

Oxtyn Pyons (A)

Weirding Modules: 2000-2000-1750-1540 Harvester: 1000-880 Ornicopter: 1980-1740-1530

Haga Pyons (A)

Weirding Modules: 2200-1930-1690 Harvester: 1000-880-770 Ornicopter: 1600-1400-1230-1080