Empire Earth mini-faq

Empire Earth mini FAQ

An small guide for Empire Earth units. This is meant to expand both on the game manual and Empire Earth wiki with additional information.

Updated with some corrections on the AT weapons and also added better info about cyber units.

Troop counters

  • Facing cavalry units? Use piercing units like Phalanx, Pikeman. Or War elephants.
  • Against war elephants? Spearman or Pikeman are good but a lot of archers or longbow may do too.
  • Enemy bow archers? Horseman, Swordsmen, Vikings…
  • Enemy Phalanx or Pikeman? Pilum/Javalineers, field weapons …
  • Enemy field cannon? Fast shock units like Cataphracts or War Elephants may do until you got air units.
  • Mixed armies of archers and cavalry? Piercing cavalry like Bronze cav, Knight or Persian.
  • Against big infantry army? Elite guard/Machine Gun, HE/Laser Tanks, or Field weapons like Stone Thrower, Ballista, Culverin, Bombard…
  • Against medium size or weak infantry army? Sharpshooter/Snipers are the best to deal with them.
  • Enemy towers or buildings? Siege weapons like Catapult, Trebuchet, Basilisk, Artillery…
  • Just want to do a hit-and-run raiding pary? Chariot, Cavalry archers, Vikings…

Empire Earth

Armor Type

There are various armor types that make units harder against some concrete damage types.

  • anti arrow (shield)
  • anti shock (helm)
  • anti pierce (chest)
  • anti gun (kevlar)
  • laser (big shield)

Damage Type

There are various damage types, depending on the weapons the unit is equipped with.

Arrow weapons

Sling, bow, longbow, crossbow.

Arrow units are always ranged and they are usually very effective against slow piercing units but usually weak against shock at melee and very vulnerable to field weapons at range.

  • Regular arrow infantry (sling, shortbow, longbow) is meant to weaken the enemy army, from safe distance, but it needs some melee protection to resist shock troop attacks.
  • Mounted bow units on horse, chariot and elephant. Those units are meant to be used for hit-and-run and attrition tactics. They’re weak to shock too. Cavalry Archer unit is the exception as is resistant to shock and pierce but weak to other bow units.
  • Crowsbow is a specialized anti-infantry unit, deadly at range but it’s very vulnerable on melee because its slow rate of fire.

Shock weapons

Rocks, short swords, long swords, clubs, maces, axes, cuirassier sables and war elephant stamp.

The regular army units until the gunpowder, shock troops are melee general purpose units that shine attacking against ranged units on melee. Those units also are good at protecting ranged units from other melee attacks.

  • Anti-arrow armour (shielded) shock infantry units (Clubman, Maceman, Shortsword): those are slightly resistant to bow units but still they’re vulnerable to ranged attacks until they reach melee.
  • Mounted shock units (Horseman, War Elephant, Cataphract, Cuirassier, Imperial Cuirassier): are better suited to fight against most ranged units like arrow units, gun infantry, field cannons and siege weapons. The Cataphract/Cuirassier units are particularly effective against gun units.
  • Early special ops:
    • Pathfinding shock units (Barbarians): can cross forests so they have their uses on hit and run attacks, bypassing enemy walls.
    • Stealthy shock units (Vikings): weaker on defense, but they can move stealthy, so they can ambush and reach melee easily against ranged units.

Piercing weapons

Spears, javelin, phalanx, pilum, pike, knight spear, bronze spear, halberds.

Those are usually pre-atomic anti-cavalry units, may equip melee or thrown (ranged) weapons, mounted or infantry. Those are usually effective against shock troops like some infantry units, most cavalry and war elephants.

  • Pierce melee infantry (Spearman, Phalanx, Pikeman): it’s meant to be used against mounted shock or mounted piercing units. Weak against arrow units and gun infantry.
  • Pierce ranged units (Javelin Throwers and Pilum): those are specialized against shock infantry. Weak against other piercing units and particularly versus mounted units. Very vulnerable against field weapons.
  • Mounted pierce units (Bronze Cav, Persian Cav, Knight) are well suited against shock mounted units. They may be useful against field weapons too, because of their speed.


All bullet weapons from muskets, arquebus, carabine, dragoon, … up to machine-guns.

Gun weapons replace shock units as the general purpose units. They’re effective against arrow units, infantry piercing units, shock infantry and other gun units. So, yes, gun units are usually vulnerable to other gun units (raw firepower and range wins). Earlier gun infantry is also vulnerable to pre-atomic shock cavalry like Cataphract and gun cavalry is against halberdiers too. Later gun units are vulnerable against tanks. All gun units are very vulnerable to field cannons and mortars.

  • Mounted gun units (Carabineer, Dragoon) trade infantry gun fire range for movement speed, attack, hit points and shock resistance, at a higher cost.
    • They are meant to be used against most melee infantry units, bow units, shock cavalry and old piercing cavalry (like Knights).
    • Not so effective against Halberdiers.
    • Usually, ineffective against gun infantry because long range matters more than raw attack power.
  • Pre-atomic infantry regular gun units (Arquebus, Musketeer, Grenadier) are general purpose units, useful against all melee units and gun cavalry but vulnerable against melee cavalry and field weapons.
  • Atomic infantry regular gun units (Doughboy, Marine, Sentinel, Guardian) are general purpose infantry that can shoot down helicopters, balloons and flying Cybers.
  • Atomic infantry special gun units (Partisan): can walk over forests and shoot air units (like airplanes).
  • Anti-infantry gun infantry units are specialized against other infantry but very vulnerable to airplanes, field weapons and tanks:
    • Anti infantry elites (Elite Guard, Machinegunner) do great damage to infantry at normal range are but ineffective against other units and particularly vulnerable to snipers and field weapons.
    • Sniper gun inf units (Sharpshooter, Sniper) are specialized long range anti-infantry units. They may one-shot enemy infantry units but are cannon fodder for tanks and field weapons.
  • Blast infantry (Hand Cannoneer, Trench Mortar, Heavy Mortar) can fire over walls and do splash damage, so they’re’ like mini artillery. May be useful on defensive positions behind a wall. Hand Cannoneer is useful against early tanks (until you get Bazookas). Too vulnerable to snipers and field weapons outside on the battles field.

Field weapon

Big projectiles and cannons.

Those make use of heavy and high explosive projectiles to deal blast damage and it’s very effective against infantry or against lots of units packed together (blast shared damage). Field weapons can be used against buildings but it’s inefficient, siege units are far better for that. They shine against other land units.

  • Normal field weapons (Ballista, Culverin, Bronze Cannon): those shoot straight so may be used against cavalry too but need defense on melee.
  • Artillery units (Bombard, Artillery, Colossus Artillery): they can fire over walls and they’re classified as siege weapons. Oddly enough, they do splash damage, so they’re very effective against infantry and ineffective against walls/buildings, so they’re used like Field weapons.

Siege weapon

Parabolic attack projectiles.

Very effective against all type of buildings, walls and towers. This units may also be used against land units but field units are much better suited for that task.

  • Melee siege: those units do heavy damage against buildings, ineffective against units.
    • Classic melee (Sampson, Ram, Heavy Ram). Those need melee range to attack, are sturdy but vulnerable to other units.
    • Modern antibuilding infantry (Flamethrower). Close range siege units.
  • Wall brach siege (Siege Tower): those are specialized to breach over walls instead of destroying anything.
  • Ranged direct fire siege (Catapult, Trebuchet): those are useful against stationary units and very effective against buildings/towers but can’t attack behind walls.
  • Ranged bomb siege (Basilisk, Serpentine, Howitzer, Paladin): those got bonus against buildings and sea ships.

Anti-tank / Armor-piercing weapon

Pierces modern tank armor.

Those units are specialized on destroying armor units (like tanks) but ineffective against infantry or field weapons and can’t shoot air.

  • AT Infantry (Grenade Laucher, Bazooka): infantry that can deal heavy damage on tanks.
  • AT Siege (57mm AT Gun, 120mm AT Gun, Thor AT Gun, Hercules AT): cheap anti tank units, only specialized against tanks (no bonus against buildings).
  • Armor Piercing Tank (A7V Tank, Panzer Tank, Leopard Tank): tanks specialized on destroying other tanks.
  • AT Helicopter (Helicopter Anti Tank, Spectre AT): those are very effective against non-AA tanks and very vulnerable to fighters and antiair infantry.
  • Anti-tank aircraft (Typhoon, A-10): those are very effective against non-AA tanks and vulnerable to antiair units.
  • Cyber AT (Minotaur & II): Your anti-tank Cyber unit.


Units specialized on destroying air units.

  • Anti-air tank (Flak Halftrak, Skywatcher AA): a tank that can only shoot air units.
  • Fighter air units (Sopwith, Spitfire, P-51, F-15, Jackal, Nebula): air units meant to achieve air superiority, to escort friendly bombers and defend against enemy bombers or helicopters.
  • Anti-air infantry (Stinger soldier): infantry units that are very useful against A-T/Armor Piercing air units.
  • Anti-air ships (Cruiser Gunboat, Cruiser Dardo): useful to protect battleships.

Modern bomb/missile weapons

Air units and submarines may carry multi-purpose air-to-land weapons. Those weapons are very affective against bases so defenses and counters must built asap.

  • Fighter-bomber (Fokker, ME-109, ME-262, Corsair, F-117, Avenger, Talon, Phoenix): those are meant to hunt vulnerable single targets and support air superiority.
  • Bomber (Gotha, Heinkel, B-17, B-2, B-122 Wyvern): Those do blast damage, are useful against buildings and land units but very vulnerable to antiair.
  • Atomic bomber (B29, B-52, Titan): Very destructive but expensive and needs protection.
  • Nuclear submarine: useful attacking enemy base from coast.

Sea units

Sea units are meant to break coastal defenses and to escort naval transports and carriers. It’s a rock-scissors-paper game between frigate vs battleship vs galley/galleon/submarine.

  • Frigates: naval escort units. Those units are suited to protect other sea units against galleys/galleons/submarines attacks. May be useful to harass enemy fishing rafts in hit and run attacks too. Very vulnerable against Battleships so never engage them directly.
  • Battleship: your all purpose sea unit. Its cannons are effective against land and most sea units. Useful against buildings too if can outrange turrets. Vulnerable against galleys/galleons attacks and very vulnerable against submarines and air units, so they need some protection.
  • Galley/Galleon: specialized anti-battleship units (until submarines). Useful against those, avoid engaging everything else.
  • Submarine: useful against battleships, carriers and land targets (nuclear submarine’s missiles). Very vulnerable against frigates and other ASW units.
  • Cruiser: your anti-air escort ship, very effective against them and extremely vulnerable against everything else.
  • Carrier: all purpose mobile airfields, those ships carry their own airships. Can be useful to amplify your air range on some maps.

Anti-submarine (ASW)

Submarines are naturally vulnerable to frigates, Hyperion and other submarines.

  • Helicopter AS (Sea King & Sea King II). Those helicopters are effective only against submarines.
  • Frigates: frigate sea units are good at hunting down enemy submarines.

Anti-infantry: HE, vulcan guns and lasers

Those are the anti-infantry units on the latter ages.

  • HE Tanks (MkV Tank, Sherman Tank, M1 Tank): general purpose tanks that do better damage against infantry.
  • Helicopter Gun (Helicopter Gunship, Reaper Gunship): helicopters specialized on killing infantry units.
  • Laser tanks (Gladiator, Centurion): those replace HE tanks.
  • Cybers (Pandora & II): Your anti-infantry Cyber unit.

Anti-cyber units

The space era is chaotic, but you may expect many cyber units doing tricks around, so it’d wise to counter them.

  • AC Cyber (Zeus): that unit is meant to be used against cyber units.

General purpose laser units.

Those units are your main army for later ages. May do reasonable damage against other land units but may also be countered, so you’d still need to add few specialized units to support them.

  • Tanks (Gladiator): well, those are nice units but be careful when dealing with all those AT units.
  • Cybers (Ares & II, Hyperion & II): Ares are your main cyber units, while Hyperion can cross water so is good paired with Poseidon.

Offensive laser units.

  • Offensive Ultra Cybers (Furies, Tempest): those have nice attack and various offensive skills.

Support laser units.

Like prophets, those units can “cast spells” (use skills) but they can’t combat directly.

  • Support Cybers (Apollo, Hades, Poseidon): those cybers are your special ops units, can repair, teleport and do many other tricks to harm enemy units.