Master of Magic mini-faq

Master of Magic mini FAQ

An small guide for the magic realms.

Magic realms

The more books your wizard has, more spells can research. More books on same realm means you can research rarer spells and you also get some bonus to research and casting. If you mix book colors, you’re more versatile and more covered against realm weakness, at the cost of having less rarer spells. You can mix almost any spell realm, only life and death can’t be mixed.


Life is the opposite to the death realm. It’s oriented to support and protection. It’s is the best magic realm to raise a powerful army of neutral units because of buffs and also it has many support spells (for healing, …) and some counters for death/chaos. Life starts slowly and should be played defensively but can get powerful from middle to endgame (on human hands at least).

  • Life wizards can summon the best hero of the game, Torin the Chosen, which is overpowered in vanilla MoM. Also, it has got other nice exclusive champion heroes and it can buff them, so it’s a good realm to focus on heroes.
  • Various buffs for normal units: Lionheart, Heroism, Holy weapon, Holy armor, Bless, Endurance… Life buffs synergies well with the game mechanics (multiple figures and high experience).
  • With Crusade and Altar of battle, you can create elite units from any city.
  • Life wizards can also buff cities to boots the economy by using several enchantments.
  • It can counter other realms. True sight is awesome against sorcery and useful against death, True light and Prayer are good against death, Righteousness and Star fires against chaos and death, etc. But it has no counters for nature. In the other hand, it’s countered by some death and sorcery spells.
  • Support spells: many useful enchantments like Crusade, Just Cause … and a healing spell, of course.
  • Life wizards have guardian spirits (ok for scouting), they can switch planes easier than the other realms (e.g. Planar travel) and it can improve movement (Endurance), so it’s a fine realm for scouting on early game.
  • Life fantastic units are weak and the lack of offensive (direct damage…) spells makes difficult to combat with just spell casting. Because of that. life realm relies too much on having an army of strong normal units and heroes.
  • Because of its multiple buffs and enchantments, life is very susceptible to annoying spell dispels.


Death realm is the other side of the divine coin. It’s an offensive realm and it’s oriented to cursing and killing low to medium resistance units. It’s pretty strong on early game, even middle game if the player rushes quickly enough, thanks to it’s summoned units.

  • This realm has various spells to directly cause death (if not resisted) or to harm each turn (Wrack). This may be useful against unexperienced normal units but it’s ineffective in late game and it’s worthless against death immunity units.
  • Death wizards can curse both units and cities to weaken the enemy. This strategy is also slightly weak per se. The chaos approach of “just destroy as much as possible” is much stronger and effective on weakening the enemy.
  • Death spells can be effective against low resistance units.
  • Some death units and spells can create undead units when an enemy is killed and battle is won. Their fantastic units are also undead. Undead have got many immunities and can be buffed by some death spells but can’t be healed.
  • Undead units are slightly useful to counter nature (ice bolt), sorcery (illusory attacks) and death. Undead units are also good countering normal units early game (when don’t have magical weapons and buffs). Wraithform buff spell serves to counter nature spell Cracks call.
  • The death realm counters life realm and enemy death fantastic units. It also counters sorcery realm before endgame. Sadly, there are counters against death by all realms but chaos… and chaos can still be troublesome for death wizards. This realm is countered by various life spells and it lacks more direct damage, protection and buffing normal units.
  • The death realm lacks direct damage spells (non-resistance based damage) and normal unit buffs to be able to build a powerful army.
  • The death highest tier fantastic units are a bit weak. But Wraiths and Shadow demons are very powerful on early to middle game and make good scouts. It’s your best bet to win the game. Also, Night stalker is a cheesy way of defending cities (AI has problems dealing with invisible units).
  • There are two death-only champions that are powerful and makes the realm worth to go the hero path on end-game, when the death units are less powerful, the curses aren’t useful and the lack of other options starts to hurt.
  • Some death spells are flawed or not useful, e.g. cloak of fear, cloud of shadow.


The chaos realm is all-offensive, strongly focused on direct damage spells and nuking the enemy cities with spells. It has got also few nice buffs for units and a lot of summons, but it absolutely lacks support and defense spells. Chaos is probably better on early to middle game before Sorcery, Nature or Life wizards get too strong, but a chaos wizard on late game can still give lots of headaches if left alone.

  • This realm has many spells to cause direct damage to units both on combat and outside on overland.
  • There are also many spells, both city and global enchantments, to deal damage against enemy cities and units. This can affect strongly the enemy economies and defenses.
  • Chaos realm have got few buffs and few curses too. One of the buffs, chaos channels, is totally overpowered in vanilla game.
  • Chaos wizards can summon a lot of distinct fantastic units. Some are pretty powerful. Most of them are are slow and are better dealing damage than receiving it, but unless you want to go crazy with combat spellcasting, overland summoning is the way to go.
  • Hell hounds are also cheap and useful to rush early game, but chaos is just not good on scouting.
  • Chaos breath attacks are useful to counter flying units initiative (chaos channeled flight works too).
  • Chaos lack defenses against other realm spells and it lacks enchantments for improving its own cities. It’s also vulnerable against other chaos wizards. Chaos can’t really counter other realms and must rely on it’s own brute power to deal damage quickly.
  • Magic immune units are a real problem for chaos wizards because the heavy reliance of chaos on direct spell casting. There are other nature and even life spells meant to protect against chaos spells too. This means chaos is the most countered of all realms.


The nature realm is very balanced, just slightly focused on summoning and protection but also very good for exploring or expanding quickly. Nature is somewhat weak on the early game (when compared with chaos and death, even sorcery seems better) but it gets better on middle game.

  • Nature realm has many good summons for going offensive during all game.
  • It has also many buffing spells to protect its units, but those are not so good as on other realms.
  • It can deal direct damage by casting spells both in combat and overland. It’s not so effective than chaos and death but still can deal some damage. Nature has Cracks call, a very powerful combat skill.
  • Nature realm has got a combat summoning (Earth Elemental) but it’s a rare spell so it’s not guaranteed and it comes during middle game. Still, it can be very useful to change the tide on unexpected battles.
  • It has got various special spells to transform terrain to improve/tweak city production (it cal also be used to mess enemy production). It has also spells to reveal map and to greatly speed up units, so it’s very good on scouting terrain and logistics (moving troops).
  • It has two protection spells to counter chaos and other nature spells. It can also counter Death on end game (Nature’s Wrath) but before that Nature is slightly weak against Death spells. In the other hand, it’s countered by other nature wizards… well, and sorcery, that counters everything.
  • Nature can counter flying units (web spell). This spell is very important for AI but also totally worth casting for a human player.
  • Nature totally lacks debuffs/curses to weaken the enemy.


The anti-magic realm, it’s the most specialized and unique realm. It can counter all realms spells, bind or banish fantastic units and the best for summoning during combat. It has also some awesome support spells and buffs. This means it’s a realm very focused on defense/protection. It’s a really good realm from middle to end game, but it’s slightly bad on early as you can’t just rely on phantom warriors for everything.

  • Sorcery can block (lock) enemy casting on combat and in overland. It can also immunize any city, against a chosen realm, with the spell ward spell.
  • Sorcery is specialized in dispel: it’s much better dispelling existing enemy spells because the sorcery has “true” versions of arcane spells and those are 3 times stronger.
  • This realm can just bind and banish fantastic units. Given it has some nice buff spells, sorcerer wizards can do pretty well with a normal army, without overland summons.
  • If banishing won’t do, sorcery wizards must rely on magic immune units, summons and few combat spells for going offensive.
  • Sorcery can defend and overcome most of battles by just summoning special units in combat. This means that it requires less garrison to defense.
  • All sorcery summoned units are very bad on defense (more than chaos units) but can be very dangerous.
  • Sorcerer item powers are very strong (the best item powers, let’s say phantasmal just to name one), so it’s a good realm to go the hero route, specially with an artificer. In fact, it’s potentially better than life for that purpose.
  • Sorcery is also pretty good for scouting and logistics but that happens later, more on middle game. Flight, floating island and wind walking spells will do the job. And, for just logistics, it also has the word of recall spell, to teleport any unit back to the summoning circle, and the enchant road spell.
  • Sorcery has got some the best overland buff spell (magic immunity), the best combat buff (haste), the best global enchantment (time stop) and the best unit in the game (sky drake).
  • Sorcery counters everything. It also counters flying units (by flying) and counters nature Cracks call. But it’s also heavily countered, on early to middle game, by life spells and by death units, as those are immune to illusions and negate the main defenses for sorcerer cities (summoning).
  • As Chaos, sorcery lacks city enchantments to buff it’s economy. It seems to lack an overland uncommon summoning spell too.


The ultimate utility realm. The arcane realm is a common realm for all wizards and it gives utility spells to support the most basic needs:

  • Summoning: Heroes and Champions. Magic Spirit unit to merge nodes.
  • Dispelling: remove unit buffs, map area enchantments and global enchantments (disjunction).
  • You can relocate the Summoning Circle and also Recall Heroes to it.
  • Artificer: create low power item or artifacts.
  • Scout/spy by using Detect Magic and Awareness global enchantments.
  • Spell of Return to avoid losing a game. Spell of Mastery for winning the game.

Master of Magic

Unit buffing

  • Hero items are the key to empower heroes, experience comes second. Those can be found when conquering nodes/lairs, bought from a random merchant or summoned (crafted).
  • Spells and experience are key to empower normal units and you can build a very good army without need to rely on heroes. Normal units also can come with various magical weapons when recruited on cities.
  • Fantastic (summoned) units can also benefit from some spells.