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Game Topaz Reviews - First post


I like videogames and I’ve been playing them a long time. From time to time, I do a internet query to search about videogames.

To my surprise, I find lists just centered on new games (that are just OK and mostly irrelevant). The chosen games in TOP lists surprise me too. Many great or important games are out of them.

That’s not my only complain. Most reviews look just superficial. Did the reviewer actually play the game long enough? Or just played few hours and read other reviews to make up an opinion? They mention things without pointing directly to facts (like a game having flaws but no flaw mentioned). It’s hard to explain that lack of deepness.

Imagen por **Francesco Ungaro** de **Pexels**

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash


I think the best I can do for the videogame community, as an amateur (non professional), is to share what I know and give some recommendations. Hopefully, this will reach someone and encourage you to play those, often forgotten, jewels. For those you know them, maybe you can discover a new thing or two about. I still do.

I’ll try to enter in detail, to the point to make mini FAQs, with intention of giving precise information about the game. This would serve to clarify what there is special about it, so we can judge it.

In the end, I hope to build a true TOP games list.

Image by **Francesco Ungaro** from **Pexels**

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels