Inside XBOX X019 London

Inside XBOX X019 London

Microsoft is promising the biggest XBOX Inside ever. Bigger doesn’t mean better… It seems marketing bs to me, but I’ll just bite the bait.

Inside X019

The annoucements

The XBOX Inside is all about games. Of course, they talk also about Game Pass and xCloud as this is the main selling point for everything, but here we’re just focusing on the game announcements, which matters the most to buy a new console.


Oh, they almost start with an ad for a Epic games title, lol. Funnily this isn’t the only reference to this game.

Inside X019

Star wars JEDI Fallen Order

The game looks pretty cool (don’t mind this screenshot, the video looks better), but I’ve been disappointed by the last SW games, which were promising but boring and lackluster. I’m not a big fan of Star Wars, so they better do a good game or I’ll pass on this game.

Inside X019


Oh, hell. Louise O’Connor - Executive Producer, Rare Ltd. Nice to meet you.

The responsible of the failure that is Sea of Thieves? The responsible of the upcoming Battletoads remake that looks like a bad cartoon, a joke of what Battletoads was in the 90’s? Rare was a great gamedev but now… Something is missing, maybe forgotten. Really, Rare should look back.

Everwild looks stunning and it could be a nice new IP, that’s true. But I’m just not convinced yet. It’s too early to know and there is too little to see. The art is not enough.

Sadly, this isn’t the big AAA you’d want to see from them.

Inside X019

The Outer Worlds

Sorry, this isn’t an announcement, it’s just mentioned as an example of the Gamepass titles. But I couldn’t pass it.

I think they choose a good example here, it’s a nice title.

Inside X019


RPG survival, looks a mix between Ark or RUST survival with Fortnite looks. Personally, if I wanted serious survival I’d just play Ark or RUST, but this seems casual. I like the concept (big world/small size) but I just dislike the execution (fornite child play).

Obviously, this game isn’t targeted to me. If they do it right it could work, it could be appealing to young players.

Inside X019

West of the Dead

An interesting game but seems a niche game. What are we looking at? If they expect me to buy Scarlett, they should try harder.

Inside X019

Sea of Thieves: The seabound Soul

Cool. But this game should have been released 10 years ago, when pirates were a thing.

Inside X019


Ok. Good to have if you didn’t play it already in Steam.

Inside X019

Kart Rider Drift

I think it’s going to be a good title for XBOX, even if it looks a clone of other game. You know.

Sadly, this isn’t a console seller. Mario Kart name has been carefully built from SNES days and now it sells even if they just recycle the last game. Kart Rider Drift has a long ride ahead if they’re serious.

Inside X019

Bleeding Edge

This was already announced on E3. A team based 4 vs 4 combat game. It seems to mix typical MOBA team size (4 vs 4) with Overwatch gameplay (FPS) but melee oriented.

But… the only thing bleeding is my eyes. Seriously, I don’t like that models. You can’t name your game “bleeding” and put that looks, for God sake.

Inside X019

Planet Coaster

Is this Theme Park but in steroids? The intro is a bit yuppy-yay-yey. I’d like to see a more “joking” game (like Theme Park) and less of a trippy-happy.

Inside X019

Tell Me Why

Oh god, an emotive drama. Life is Strange had gameplay, it was fine for an adventure game. Now, tell me why there is only cinematics here. And tell me why there is a signpost “Ecology matters” in a ferry carrying a big car. And don’t nod!

Inside X019

The Artful Escape

Very artful, that’s sure. Colourful visuals. But I got mixed feelings here. It could be a good game but looks a bit weird.

If you want a guitar in a game, better place a muscled man or lady full in black/leather with a heavy metal guitar. That’s epic and cool. But, please, not a skating rock nerd. For a colourful dreamlike world, remove the rock guitar and the nerd: you’re set, the skate is fine. Oh well, it’s just my (early) opinion. Let’s see what they deliver.

Inside X019

Project xCloud

Oh, xCloud in Windows 10, big surprise! Well, nope.

They mention other devices than Android… ios? Car? Washing machine? Whatever the device is, I’m not interested on any cloud gaming unless they can prove there are no issues with input. And, of course, we can’t believe Google, Sony and Microsoft, whatever they say. Proofs.

Ah, the EA guy that talks about xCloud partnership. I wonder what is happening to him. I think he is not OK, seriously. This is not about “what he likes”, the violet sweater guy is fine. Well, Microsoft events are like that.

Inside X019

Yakuza 0 / Kiwami / Kiwami 2

Nice games but nothing new.

Inside X019

Drake Hollow

More cuteish Fortnite-like graphics in yet another team based survival adventure? I hope there is more.

Inside X019

Halo reach

I’m not a fan of Halo but it’s Microsoft we’re talking about, so I think it’s good they remaster its games. No doubt, it’s better than GoW 5.

Inside X019

Flight Simulator (PC)

Yes, again, this is what Microsoft is about. This is the way to go! I’m having serious issues to choose a “best” screenshot. The best commercial aircraft simulator is back and it looks really, really, amazing.

Of course, this is PC only. This game can’t be handled with a simple console controller.

Inside X019

Age of Empires IV (PC)

Again, Microsoft is doing the right thing. Or trying to. I hope the game gets made properly.

PC Only. All AoE fans already should have a computer and the new game doesn’t require shouldn’t require a big CPU/GPU, if it’s made right.

Inside X019

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition (PC)

It’s good to see AoE 2 remade again. I think MS took the critics for AoE 2 HD and improved the game, but it seems they forgot to optimize the engine too.

And again, as usual on MS games, there are issues with the game voices localization.

Inside X019

Crossfire X

This is a good FPS and it’s good for XBOX to have. Personally, I’d just play it on computer, I’d never play it on console but whatever…

Inside X019


Again, a Fortnite ad?

Inside X019

Minecraft Dungeons

This was already anounced on E3 and I think you already know it. So, ok, it’s fine for Gamepass.

Inside X019

Final Fantasy saga

Good to have Final Fantasy games on xBox Gamepass. I love them. But this isn’t big news for me, I got them for PS and PC.

Inside X019

Wasteland 3

I like RPGs but I’m not too excited about this game. I just don’t like post-apocalyptic RPGs like this or Fallout. But it could be great for other players.

Inside X019

Other games, previously announced and shown for Game pass

Witcher 3, Darksiders 3, Ori and the Will of Wisps.

And this are the rest of titles just shown during the video, but afaik we know them from e3.

Inside X019


Lets check what we have:

The classic MS exclusives

Halo, FS, AoE.

Those titles are mandatory to have a great Inside, but only Halo is for XBox console.

Updates of existing games

Fortnite, Sea of Thieves.


Ports of existing games to XBox

Yakuza saga, FF saga, Rust, Crossfire X.

Good to have them on XBox Game pass, the more the merrier, but nothing to make me buy a XBOX. I already own these titles.

New AAA games

Wasteland 3, JEDI Fallen Order, Planet Coaster.

Not so interesting unless you’re a Star Wars or Wasteland fan already. Planet Coaster is ok but not a console selling AAA title.

Youngster and cute indie games

Minecraft Dungeons, Drake Hollow, Grounded, Kart Rider Drift, Bleeding Edge and probably Everwild.

Good job Nintendo! Ah, wait, this is not a Nintendo Direct? Oh, this is Microsoft. I’m confused now. Why so much focus in this type of games for teenagers or with cute graphics? This doesn’t match the audience on London, it looked like an egg basket.

Other indie games

The Artful Escape, Tell Me Why.

Artful Escape, ok.

I don’t think Tell Me Why is going to be any good, but whatever…

Inside X019


In this show, Microsoft showed a lot of young-oriented and colourful indie games, few MS classics, few AAA and some updates. They are just trying to sell the Game pass but I think Microsoft, once more, forget they first must convince us to buy the console.

No simulation/arcade racing (mario-like karting doesnt count), no JRPG or fantasy western RPG, no action RPG, no horror games at all, no soccer, no beat’em’up games, no shoot’em’up games and, of course, no TBS or grand strategy.

Only cute-graphics survival, only a weird platform game, only one new AAA action-adventure (Starwars), Halo and little more.

If they want me to buy the new XBox, I think they should just try harder.

Inside X019